Caution Bio Hazard Skull Vinyl Graphic Decal


Exact Measurements:

    6"H x 3.5"W, 12"H x 7.1"W, 18"H x 10.7"W, 24"H x 14.25"W, 36"H x 21.4"W, 48"H x 28.5"W

~Contour cut up to the image

~Air release technology , easier application

~Printed using eco-solvent ink

~7+ Year outdoor vinyl


~Must be applied to a clean, dry, smooth surface

~High resolution images

~Sure to make your ride stand out



*Car, truck, semi, trailer, boat, race car, go kart, golf cart, motorcycle, snowmobile.

These decals can be used for any purpose and can be applied to any clean, smooth, flat surface.